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WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? Essential oils are highly concentrated, grant, natural constituents obtained through distillation of different parts of plants. We call this the "life-blood" of the plant. Essential oils provide you a similar benefits that they provide the plants.

WAYS TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS: There are three ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

  • Topically
  • Aromatically
  • Internally

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TOPICALLY: Applying essential oils to the skin, which are then absorbed into our skin. Vita Flex Points are a more targeted way to apply essential oils for maximum benefits. We also suggest applying essential oils on the following parts of the body.

AROMATICALLY: Using a home diffuser to the benefits of essential oils through the air. A diffuser vaporizes the mixture of water and essential oils into the air.

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INTERNALLY: When using essential oils internally, it is important to only use therapeutic grade essential oils. We highly suggest thoughtful consideration before ingesting any essential oil. Essential oils can burn the skin if used incorrectly and the same is true if you ingest an oil. To ingest use vegetable capsules with a carrier oil, directly on or under the tongue and in a glass of water.

WHAT IS A CARRIER OIL? Carrier oils are an important step in using your essential oils topically and internally. We call this dilution, the oil is mixed with an oil so you can safely on your body’s skin. Many oils are what we call “hot” they can burn your skin and are not suggested to be used without a carrier oil. Coconut oil is frequently used to dilute topically. There are many oils that can be used that are more nourishing or more gentle on our skin.

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